Q : How do I become an exhibitor?
A : Exhibitors can register here. Artists can register here.

Q : Where is the location of the event?
A : The event is held at the School of Arts & Culture in San Jose CA. 

Q : When is the deadline to apply?
A : The deadline to apply is June 30, 2018, 11:59pm.

Q : Can I pick my own space?
A : Booth placement is at the sole discretion of event management.

Q : Can I share my booth?
A : Yes, if you both apply and both are approved.

Q: Is this an indoor or outdoor event?
A : The majority of the event is held outside. The beauty bar will take place indoors.

Q : What's included in my booth fees?
A :  Your fee covers an open-plan booth space at the event. Participants are responsible for supplying their own display items and furniture.

Q: Is there electricity available for the booths?
A : No, electricity is not provided.

Q: Will there be enough lighting for the vendors since the event is at night.
A : All exhibitors will be in the courtyard where there is plenty of light. However, it is recommended that exhibitors still bring battery powered lighting to highlight products.

Q: What does the venue look like? 
A : You can find pictures of the venue here.

Q : How often does FAME happen?
A : FAME is an annual event.

Q : Can my company sponsor the event?
A : Yes, please connect with Steven at (408) 217-3811 or via email at